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Disclaimer/Notes: I have cropped out usernames in screenshots simply for the reason that this is being done to show you what I have directly experienced, and I do not wish to name people who don't want to be named. I'm not calling attention to what other people have done, though I have had to use some examples to put my situation into perspective. This was put together to call attention to the arbitrary policies and enforcement of them at Fark, not to mention the very deceptive methods of concealing that a user is banned. Whenever possible, links are provided so you can load those pages for yourself and see them as they exist on the site. Only my own usernames are shown. Screenshots are cropped to eliminate blank space commonly found to the right and below of certain screens and comments areas on the site, and reduced to 256 colour to save on loading times. You can call this page whatever you want. My motives for this, although I have my reasons to be upset with how I was treated by the Fark Management, ultimately stems from my disgust regarding how many other people were also subjected to this... and quite a few unknowing that it even happened to them. Some of these people were paying subscribers for upwards of a year (that I last heard of) after they had been shadowbanned. A change needs to be implemented to identify accounts as shadowbanned instead of hiding this practice and hoping people won't notice while the site continues to take subscription fees from them. This is what it really boils down to for me. I have "gotten over it." It is why I no longer visit, nor recommend, Fark. I only hope to achieve one thing: To make more people aware of the truth. I will be adding more examples from other users if they submit them to me. I will not post anything here that directly identifies any users outside of any methods you can duplicate yourself (by viewing the source thread the screenshots were taken from, for example) without permission... nor will I post saved pages or screenshots from other users without their permission as well. You can find my email address in the profile screenshot for "bloodynose" below.
Opening Words: There seems to be a lot of people in denial about the way things are done on Fark, people will question the existence of shadowbanning, for example. Most people have never heard of it. Most people who have been shadowbanned don't even realise it. This page is here to demonstrate exactly what happens to you when you've secretly been shadowbanned by the mods or admins at Fark and how you can tell if it's happened to you.
Profile Shadowbanning: My profile, as I see it: My profile, after cookies have been wiped: http://cgi.fark.com/cgi/fark/users.pl?login=bloodynose
Profile Filtering: Another thing that Fark.Com automatically does is filter your profile for any references to Bannination.com, but not other sites. If you include "bannination" or "bannination.com" in any field in your profile, it will get wiped when you click update. I enter URLs for four different sites that I frequently visit: Hit update, and the thing says my field was updated, but wait... My BIO was updated? Why?? I didn't make any changes... But if you scroll down some more, you'll notice the entire field is blank, including my BIO, which had NOTHING in it that got filtered previously. So I re-enter the URLs again, omitting only one: Bannination. Hit update, the thing says my field was updated: Scroll down... and all three are still there. Makes me wonder what they're so afraid of... If you were to include Bannination in any profile field, ALL of them get wiped. Including ones that don't mention it, like the field I had for the picture of my Ferret in the snow.
Quirks of being Shadowbanned: There's also the issue with posts once you have been flagged as shadowbanned by the moderators of Fark. They simply do not show up to anyone other than yourself. This seems to have changed lately, as when I was taking screenshots for examples of this, I was simply redirected from the thread from the mainpage or given database errors. What happens seems to vary just for the sheer sake of annoyance. This screenshot shows the location of the thread after I disabled cookies: http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2841912 This screenshot shows my attempt to post a comment in the thread after I re-enabled cookies (only way I could get the thread to load was to disable cookies, view the thread, enable cookies before I posted): This shows what happens when I attempt to reload the thread after enabling the cookies and attempting to post... Disabling cookies again... And this is a screenshot of the thread after I disabled the cookies. Note the new posts in the thread compared to the first...
Mini Rant: I'm sure a lot of people are going to cry "STFU and get over it..." but the real point to all of this... is this: How many people have been banned with a subscription still remaining on their Total Fark accounts? Shouldn't this be considered fraud, not providing services that were paid for? Worse yet, how many people continued to pay for their subscription, post on Fark and in Total Fark discussions without realising nobody could see their posts? There is normally ZERO indication that you have been shadowbanned if you're not given a posting timeout reason in your profile.
Further Issues with Shadowbanning: These are just my own examples. There has been many more cases of Moderator abuse and shadowbanning, all with screenshots from other users. They will be added. I wonder if "advertisers hate that crap", being a company is defrauding its users by doing things to their accounts and continuing to allow subscriptions to renew... or failing to refund them what's left of their subscription when it's been decided to leave one permanently redirected and unable to post in any thread on the site. From the Fark Policy: Look for the red part. http://www.fark.com/farq/posting.shtml#What_are_the_posting_rules.3F The site doesn't say I'm banned:
How Shadowbanning (doesn't) appear to others: And now, for the proof of a shadowban in action: Occasionally you'll be able to get the thread to load despite redirects: http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2841951 And I was able to submit a post... But screenshotted from another user that is NOT on the same IP address as myself: The post is missing... HRMMM? Maybe my post got deleted after I screenshotted it but before I had someone else make a screenshot? Nope. Here it is, again, with posts after: That, my friends, fits the definitions of "fraud" and "deceptive." Those examples were screenshotted on 6/2/07... Here is a screenshot of my profile 3 days after, 6/5/07: Shadowbanning, as it's done, also makes your posting history disappear. Past, present and future.
My Story: I'm sure there's now going to be a few people who are going to crow about how I must have done something to deserve a ban. Important thing to consider, it doesn't change the fact how bans are done on the site. They do it through deceit. Shadowbanning doesn't always give you an indication that something has been done to you. There has been people who said they had been posting for upwards of a year before they realised NOBODY COULD SEE THEIR POSTS... and the entire time they kept letting their TotalFark subscriptions renew. In any case, this is what happened to me. Photoshop thread. (Creepy Clowns) Photoshop Jazz up this little girl and her creepy clown Clicked 10757 times; posted to Main on Tue, 08 May 2007 at 6:19 PM Thread: http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2773725&ok=1 Vote Results: http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2773725&thread_type=voteresults&ok=1 This was the original source: This was my submission: The background source was already SFW, as the genitals were pixelated. The source is also from an article that Fark once previously greenlit. Despite that... I did ANOTHER layer of pixelation over the genitals and blurred the entire background a bit to fuzz out even more detail. My image was deleted. I managed to snag 4th place with that photoshop before it got deleted. I had to keep reloading this page hoping it would stick and let me view the results when logged in. Half the times I got dumped back on the main page, the other half I got a fake DB error. After about 20 tries, it gave me the page so I could take this screenshot: Now. You take a look at the reason for the deleted post... let's compare that with some of the others... The top vote getter: The SECOND top vote getter: So, making photoshops of child molestation is A-OK? Or how about this entry: And the child molestation theme continues... There's been allowed entries that involved child molestation, nudity and... even Gitmo. But mine was deleted? hrmmmm... So I Farqback about this and after I was able to post again (the photoshop got me a couple day ban), I find out later that I've been shadowbanned. My profile could no longer be seen by others, a lot of my older posts even disappeared. Including the ones that didn't break any rules and had been okay for OVER THREE YEARS. In effect, for questioning why something was done and voicing my dissatisfaction with the judgment used and action taken... I was wiped off the site.
History: This isn't the first time that Fark did something that was questionable to myself. I actually had been visiting Fark for over 5 years. My original profile is still up though it took an Admin from Fark three years before I got an answer as to why I couldn't log in anymore. My email address was in my profile but did they notify me beforehand? No. They locked out my 'ratfucker' account because they wanted to enforce a username noswear word policy. They didn't even contact me to ask if I would change the name. Oh, and the profile still exists. http://cgi.fark.com/cgi/fark/users.pl?login=ratfucker
Fark Fallout: The existence of shadowbanning has generally always been known, but more people became aware of it due to the recent happenings on Fark... such as the SFW boobies scandal, the redesign scandal, the ban and shadow everyone who links to bannination.com scandal, the advertisers hate that crap scandal... There's a lot that has been censored and hidden on Fark, I just hope that people become more aware of these actions rather than hoping it'll never affect them.
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