Examples of Fark.com Deceit: Shadowbans,
Shadowfilters, Profile Shadowing, Profile
Filtering and More

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These are collected examples of what have been publically posted. Additionally I will have other examples of my own as the original page has become a bit long.
Bannination as a word-filter, post automatically becomes shadowed. http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2848887 LudditeMike mentions that he spends most of his time at bannination.com: Screenshot taken less than 3 minutes after shows new posts, but not the one that mentions "bannination.com" because that word automatically shadows a post to make it invisible to other people. Typing in slashdot.org, digg.com and reddit.com does not have this effect on the site.
To: "tarrant84 (Jordan)" You are not allowed to post comments at the moment. Try again in 25 days. * This might be why: Submission queue abuse - you continue to submit inappropriate threads* * You may want to read the Fark FAQ while you wait -- especially the "posting guidelines" section. * Direct questions to FarkBack . 2007-05-26: When you find you are rubbed sore, do you find you just add more juice and keep going? (11) 2007-05-26: ABBA, excellent rock group or submissive wet dream? (23) 2007-05-25: If you are a man, and you love more than one good woman, why not have more than one in your life? (57) 2007-05-23: When describing your privates for public consumption... what euphemism do you use? (39) 2007-05-16: Would you consider keeping a beloved pet around after the took the long nap? (31) 2007-05-12: Write the blurb that would serve as his description on the MySpace page of this well dressed man (2) 2007-05-07: George Bush American loving Sarkozy elected President of France In other news, Jesus is back and preaching in Orlando (0) 2007-05-05: Is it a mistake to outsource the moderation of established internet forums to India where they will be scrubed by script driven solution monkeys? (0)
Another example of a Shadowban/Shadowpost: http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2852281 Original: Actual:
Censoring Profiles: Profile content visible to logged in user in edit mode: Viewing profile via different user account:
A user named munisfire reported that his profile had also been screwed around with despite the fact that he had NEVER posted about banniNation in a thread or had a link to the site on his profile... The only thing that could be of any indication was that he used the same username on banniNation as he did on Fark.com. Profile while logged in: Profile after logging out: